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By Jacqueline Lezette Curran

You're Doing Better Than You Think

You're Doing Great - Flow Alkaline Spring Water

As humans, we love to worry. We worry about the future. We worry about our health. We worry about every possible scenario that could go wrong at any point in time. Well, guess what—this "negativity bias" is in our DNA; our attention is naturally drawn toward potential threats. According to functional medicine and ancestral health expert Chris Kresser, our ancestors with the strongest negativity bias were kick-ass survivors and passed these genes down to us. However, this bias backfires in the modern world. Dwelling on the negativity will only hurt our physical and mental health. Give yourself a little bit of credit and recognize the things you're doing right—like making that 6 am barre class or drinking your daily dose of water. Make sure you celebrate the progress and little improvements; you've come so far from last year or even last month. Each time you begin to worry, remind yourself—you're doing way better than you think!