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By Flow Water

Are You Going with the Flow?

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Everything in life is about timing and timing is everything. As we get older, we realize that we can’t force life to conform to our wishes, demands or desires. Life has its own agenda, its own flow, its own way of unfolding the pieces of our destiny. Hence with each piece we are prepared for something more, for something greater, for something bigger. We may not see the intricacy of the design nor have any idea of how things will take shape but we have to trust that something higher does. If we do not trust enough, then we risk growing out of synch. In other words, we begin flowing against the current. Due to fear or impatience, we interfere with it, trying with all our might to steer it in a certain direction, to hurry it along, but all this effort is detrimental in the end.


Instead we need to learn to appreciate what life gives us, rather than trying to mold life to be exactly what we want it to be. On some level, we all know that we can’t control everything. But many times the way we think and act contradicts this fundamental truth. We don’t control the universe, even though we wish we could. We can’t even control everything within our own little sphere of existence – we can to a certain degree exert influence on the things around us, but many things are simply out of our hands.

So to fight life is futile. When the energy is misguided, stress ensues. The only way to regain balance is by slowing down and paying attention to the rhythms of your life. What does life want with you? What is it communicating via events or circumstances? What kinds of obstacles have been placed on your path? What direction are you being nudged into? What changes are you being encouraged to implement?

Trusting that your life is unfolding perfectly in each and every moment is freeing. Doing otherwise creates suffering, resistance and struggle. Learning to let go of the need for circumstances to be a certain way will liberate you and put you on the path towards a greater sense of being and purpose.

Life is constantly trying to help us go with the flow. It is always trying to make us fluid, like water, in order to flow through adversity and challenge faster and easier. But due to fear and negativity, we refuse and hold on to a twig for dear life. Just let go, be brave and see what happens. Allow the currents to take you where they may.

Going with the flow isn’t about being passive or complacent. It’s not about just letting things happen. It’s not aimless living or wandering. It’s a co-creative act. Spirit leads and we follow.

The quality of your life is not dependent on your outer circumstances but on your ability in letting go and releasing your attachment to people and situations being a particular way. Developing an attitude of acceptance will help you to loosen your tight grip on reality not being exactly the way you would like it to be. You can then stop pushing certain things away and trying so hard to pull other things towards you. With acceptance you can reach a point of allowing things to be as they are. This does not mean that you want your situation to remain forever but you allow your life to be as it is for the moment. When you surrender completely and accept what is, life begins to work for you.


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