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By Flow Water

Chi Junky, Rachelle Wintzen shares how she found her calling.

Meet Rachelle Wintzen. A certified yoga instructor (RYT), holistic nutritionist (CNP), iridologist and colon hydro-therapist & owner of The Chi Junky Studio. As if that wasn’t enough, Flow’s online followers recently chose her above nine other finalists as our official brand ambassador. We caught up with Rachelle to discuss yoga, health, and how she finds her flow.

FW: What was the catalyst for opening Chi Junky?

RW: I always knew that I wanted to eventually have a physical space … where people could come and let go of whatever baggage they’ve got and find a safe place to take care of themselves.

FW: What’s the story behind the name?

RW: I was a professional dancer, and I got injured. I was living in New York City at the time, and ended up working in nightlife for around seven years. I started as a bartender and worked my way up to managing nightclubs. It was a seven-day-a-week job, and it completely destroyed me after that many years. I was exhausted, I was burnt out, I was heavily into all the things nightlife has to offer, and it was completely toxic. So I quit and I found a holistic guru who got me back into shape physically and mentally, taught me how to eat properly, and introduced me to yoga and different holistic treatments. It was life changing, and I said ‘Okay, I need to learn these things, this is my calling, this is what I need to do.’ So coming from a past of addiction, I took ‘junky,’ and then Chi, being the Chinese word for energy – so being addicted to something good.

FW: What do you say to someone who’s never been to your studio?

RW: It’s not what you would experience at any other place. I made it my mission to create something unique and different. I had done so much research at other yoga studios, and what I felt was missing was that intimacy. People would go to big yoga classes and have no connection to the instructor. I would hear about people being injured in classes, or being uncomfortable. I wanted to create a space that was a safe zone for people to practice yoga who would otherwise not feel they could access it.

FW: What sort of things do you eat, drink and do to #beintheflow? 

RW: First and foremost, I always feel my best when I have 2 liters daily of green juice, it gives me the nutrients my body needs, energy and immune boost and keeps my digestion healthy. I also eat a plant strong/vegan diet most of the time incorporating tons of leafy greens and fresh produce. Of course drinking a lot of water (at least 2 liters a day) and herbal teas.

FW: What advice can you give to someone looking to have a more healthful lifestyle?

RW: Start with what is realistic to you and your life at the moment. By doing what works for you in steps you are creating balance and setting yourself up for more success. Take a look at what you currently eat and see if you can swap one item out per meal that is a little healthier option than your usual go to.  Try increasing your water intake and adding more fresh produce to every meal.  It is not about being perfect but taking it to the next level whatever that may be to you. Creating small consistent changes and committing to it eventually turns into a healthier way of life, whether that is with food or exercise. 

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