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By Flow Water

3 Smoothie Recipes for Morning Energy

We've rounded up a roster of simple, nourishing ingredients to give your winter routine the makeover it needs now. Kick-start your day with these delicious, energy-packed breakfast smoothies. 

Refinery29 asked Sabrina Diaz, founder of Grass Roots Juicery in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, to help us turn over a new leaf this winter. She put together three amazing smoothie recipes — filled with healthy fats, protein, fiber, and enough calories to get you going — that focus on what you really need to get over that a.m. hump. The best part? You can pre-measure many of these ingredients the night before. That way, you just have to pop them in the blender, pour the smoothie into your reusable cup, and run out the door.


Spiced Wisdom

10 oz almond milk

1 tbsp raw cacao powder

1 tbsp almond butter

2 inches turmeric root

1 1/2 bananas

pinch of cinnamon

1 handful walnuts

Diaz recommends this protein-packed smoothie for the woman on the go. In Spiced Wisdom, "You've got protein and fiber, healthy fats, [magnesium for] brain health, and more," she explains. Plus, some people believe that turmeric can reduce inflammation and swelling in the body.


The West Coaster

10 oz orange juice

1/4 cup raw pistachios

1/2 ripe avocado

1/4 cup peaches

Diaz recommends this OJ, avocado, and raw pistachio beauty for its vitamin C, potassium, and vitamin B 6.


The Sweetheart

10 oz coconut milk

1 tbsp hemp protein

1 tbsp extra-virgin olive oil

1 1/2 cup pineapple

1 tbsp ground flax seeds 

Have you ever had a smoothie that features olive oil? This unexpectedly delicious ingredient, combined with flax seeds and hemp protein, makes for a smoothie with healthy fats and protein power.


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