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By Flow Water

Yummy Mummy: Finding flow in the kitchen with my kids

In positive psychology, flow refers to the feeling of being totally in the zone. It’s when you are so deeply involved in an activity of enjoyment and creativity that you lose track of time. Our #BeintheFlow blog series explores how real and inspiring people find their flow. 


My name is Sophie Jaffe, and I’m a yoga instructor, personal trainer, mom of two boys and I’m the founder of Philosophie, my superfood company. My boys are five and seven, and I have a little girl on the way  I’m eight months pregnant.

My journey began at a juice bar in Hollywood, and evolved from there over the years until I started my own cleanse company, and eventually, founded Philosophie. I got yoga-teacher certified, became a personal trainer, and just really immersed myself in the wellness field. Along the way, I was learning about being a mama, trying to integrate all of this into my own diet and figuring out what works for my kids.

It was all very organic and I’m always in the flow. I don’t force things. If it doesn’t feel feel right for me, then I don’t go with it, and I’m hyper aware of my intuition and my inner voice. I find most bad decisions are made when I don’t trust my intuition. And some of the best choices I made — and what brought me to where I am now  was trusting my gut instinct.

I’m most in my flow when I’m either doing yoga or doing something active, like hiking or being in nature. But I’d also say being in the kitchen  putting my phone away, putting on music  really gets me in the flow. The raw food movement is very creative, artistic and playful. It’s about trying new flavors, making things up as you go.

Now my seven-year-old, Kai, is obsessed with cooking. He’s a Virgo, so he very much sticks to recipes. But I’m helping him find his rhythm and find his own flow, and it’s beautiful to watch. I see him pushing his creativity in the kitchen, and it’s so much fun to share that with him and get lost with him.

I could resist it and say, “No we’re doing it this way. Mommy’s cooking,” and try to stay in control; or I can be in the flow and the rhythm of things. It doesn’t matter if the kitchen becomes a mess. What matters is being in the moment with my son. And when my five-year-old gets involved, it gets even more out of a mess, and more out control  he’s dropping things, measuring things wrong adding things wrong – but it’s about allowing it to just be, and have fun, no matter how it turns out. The point is the experience we share together. It’s about really letting go and leaning into that flow.

I love to feel totally free of the “shoulds,” or what I could be doing, instead of just being in that place of flow. There’s nothing more important than having these moments with my children — not having my phone on, and not working, not multitasking – just really being present with them. They feel that shift, and they feel that energy and it’s such a beautiful experience.

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