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By Flow Water

7 Tips for a healthy holiday

Here are 7 tips to keep you feeling your best.

’Tis the season for sugar-loaded treats, champagne toasts, and staying up late to search for gifts online (who hasn’t fallen down an ecom rabbit hole?!) And while whipping up an instagram-worthy party spread and sipping festive cocktails is all part of the fun, it can really take a toll on your wellness. Here are 7 tips to keep you feeling your best.

1) Up your alkaline water intake.

There is no denying that your alcohol consumption is higher during the holidays. Ward off hangovers and cranky encounters with in-laws by drinking more alkaline water. Stock up and keep a 1 liter of Flow on your bedside table and drink it first thing in the morning to give your liver a boost. Carry a 1liter with you at all times and share the gift of hydration with your loved ones.

2) Be nice, not naughty.

When you have a Scrooge in your presence it’s a real downer, so don’t be one yourself. The holidays are stressful but make it an opportunity to practice mindfulness. Be compassionate with others and yourself. Smile often, laugh a lot. And if needed, go to a spin class or get a massage to get your posivity back.

3) Pull an all-nighter (Sleeping, that is).

Staying up all night is for Santa and your 17-year-old self. There is only so much sleep deprivation you can handle before your body shuts down. Give the excitement and stress of the holidays a break and give your body and mind the rest it needs.

4) Fuel up on more than cookies.

Cookies and chocolates are constantly in your face from the office to the grocery store, but don’t let all that icing and sprinkles fool you. You don’t have to ignore them all together but eat intelligently. Decide how much you will indulge and enjoy every bite of your portioned control holiday treat.

5) Vitamin D please.

Unless you have a tropical holiday planned, the sun has taken cover and your immune system has gone into hibernation. Boost your body’s defense by adding a vitamin D supplement to your menu (i.e. egg yolks, salmon, shiitake mushrooms) or bust out your bikini and sun bathe in the snow.

6) Get moving.

Whether your busy or bored, your fitness routine typically takes a dip this time of year. Try completely changing your fitness routine during the holidays to force your body to adapt, keeping you challenged and enthusiastic while burning off the eggnog. At a loss for what to do? Creep your fave fitness influencers on Insta for some ideas and gift yourself the class.

7) Veg out.

Take some time to actually relax… but also eat your vegetables. Get in the habit of eating a plate that is 1/2 veggies (including lots of dark leafy greens ), 1/4 protein and 1/4 nutrient-dense starch (i.e. squash, sweet-potatoes, plantains) so that you don’t go into veggie shock when the New Year comes. Make an effort to remain familiar with the word kale.