Global Citizen x Flow 

Thank you for your pledge to #UnplasticThePlanet ! 

Next time you're out and bout, reach for an eco-friendly Flow Alkaline Spring Water to help you reach your hydration goals.
Flow is uniquely packaged in a 100% Tetra Pak® paper carton from FSC responsibly managed forests,
made from 70% renewable resources — it even has a plant-based cap, made from sugarcane.

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Flow is found all over Canada, from local health food shops to our bigger national
partners. Check out our store locator to find the closest place to pick some up.


Our Mission

We believe that the choices we make about the products we consume, where they
come from, the healthful qualities they contain and how they are packed,
have a direct and powerful impact on the health and happiness of individuals,
communities and the environment. Our mission is to inspire people to
drink, eat, move and live with mindful positivity.

*Coupon expires 22/03/2019. Max of one coupon per customer. This coupon must be printed on paper to use.