Super hydration.

Naturally alkaline spring water. 6 organic flavors. Eco-friendly pack.


12 pack of 500ml

Support your wellness with healthy minerals. They give Flow that delicious taste so you can give your body more of what it needs.

Cucumber + Mint

12 pack of 500ml

Relaxed is a good look. Breathe deep and sip naturally alkaline spring water with organic essence of cucumber + mint. Ahhhh.

Strawberry + Rose

12 pack of 500ml

A little strawberry + rose self-love. It's hydration with benefits.

Lemon + Ginger

12 pack of 500ml

Your morning boost without caffeine. Our blend of lemon + ginger lights a spark in your senses.

Watermelon + Lime

12 pack of 500ml

Lighten up and enjoy the moment. The organic essence of watermelon + lime brings out the fun in everyone.

Grapefruit + Elderflower

12 pack of 500ml

Let's do this. Get motivated with grapefruit + elderflower.

Blackberry + Hibiscus

12 pack of 500ml

This stuff is just super sexy and easy to drink. Feel yourself with the essense of blackberry + hibiscus.

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