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By Flow Water

The Benefits of Water

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With the millions of liquid options available to drink every day, we often forget the simple choice – the base of everything we consume – water. For those of us in the developed world, we ignore many of the health benefits of water in favor of the seemingly more plentiful sugary beverages available at every corner.

Two thirds of our body is made up of H20 but how does that actually break down?

  • The blood that flows through your body and delivers nutrients is 82% water
  • The muscles that hold your bones and move your body are 75% water
  • Lungs that pump oxygen crucial to your survival are 90% water
  • Bones that protect your organs are 25% water
  • Your brain is a whopping 76% water

We know that water is crucial to our biological make up and we know that life cannot exist without water but we still manage to forget the health benefits of water at the first sight of a frosty can of Coke. The widely pronounced health goal of drinking 8 glasses of pure H20 a day seems virtually unattainable to most. Many people mistakenly count their glass of tea or coffee as water because that’s how we make it. But the properties of pure, untouched water are what contain the health benefits and have the ability to make a huge difference to our bodies.

Many people confuse getting sick, feeling off or abnormal pains with a cause that differs from reality – the reality being they are dehydrated! In order to reap the health benefits of water, you must drink it frequently throughout the day.

Neglecting regular water consumption can create symptoms of false illness as water plays a vital role in staying healthy. Indigestion and gastrointestinal issues including aches, cramping, constipation, diarrhea and lack of nutrient absorption can all be directly correlated to a simple lack of water.

Water ensures that the proper nutrients are delivered to the body and that food is digested. Not properly hydrating will halt the digestion process and the delivery of nutrients, cause constipation, and also confuse the kidneys, which cleanse the body and alert thirst.

Promoting good digestion is just one of water’s health benefits that also doubles as a weight loss trick as far too often (especially in North America), we reach for high-sugar, high-sodium beverages that are damaging for our bodies and our bellies.

Water is no secret weight loss tool, but it will act as a thirst quencher, and kick calories by replacing high-calorie beverages with H20. Subbing your daily can of pop with a bottle of fresh water will cut out 130 calories a day=910 a week=3900 a month=47,450 a year… that’s 13 LBS ANNUALLY! Don’t drink your calories, save that for food if you are trying to lose weight. Water rich foods also help fill you up faster, look like a bigger portion than they are, and help to hydrate you while consuming. Examples of foods with the health benefits of water are: fruits, vegetables, broth based-soups, and oatmeal. H20 is also a fountain of youth and energy.

Keeping your muscles hydrated and full of water helps your body stay active, keep moving, and feel alert. It works from the inside out and has the power to cleanse your body and its largest organ: the skin. Keeping it hydrated with enough water will reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, and ensure it’s not dry or crackly which can lead to break outs and imperfections. Get the beautiful glowing skin and the spring in your step you thought you’d never get back with a few extra doses of H20.

So whether you drink it occasionally, often – or never at all, now you know why you should. The health benefits of water are what make it a miracle of life itself… water = life. Make it a bigger part of yours.

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