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By Flow Water

Weatherproof Your Wellness

The holidays are HERE.


The endless To-Do list.

Feeling overwhelmed.

Travel from hell.

But, don’t let the stress of the holiday hustle steal your joy. During the busiest time of year, you need to remember that someone special on your list. YOU.

Here are 5 tips to holiday-proof your wellness from the inside out.

Plan some downtime.

Before you get caught in the shuffle, schedule some time to relax and breathe. You’ll enjoy yourself more and actually be present for your loved ones during the festivities. You’ll also be less prone to emotional eating, excessive drinking, reactive emotions, and getting sick.

Set yourself up for success.

We tend to put a TON of pressure on ourselves to “perform” when we already have more obligations than usual. We feel like we should be sunshine and unicorns 100% of the time, wowing friends and family with our Martha-like entertaining skills. We should bake gluten-free cookies for school, we should prepare the perfect meal, buy the perfect gifts, AND we should look flawless doing it. Stop the negative self-talk and practice letting go of anything that’s not truly important.

Pick your poison.

Pick your fave decadent treat (hello pumpkin pie with whipped cream) and leave the rest out. Take the time to enjoy it mindfully, really savor each bite/sip, notice the smell and how it feels in your mouth. Often when we overeat it’s because we eat without thinking about it and don’t take the time to truly enjoy it, leaving us feeling unsatisfied.


Give yourself permission to have some fun and feel grateful for all the amazing aspects of your life. Build in some time to do something that is just pure enjoyment. Practicing gratitude is proven to reduce stress and increase happiness. When the in-laws get your blood boiling just remember that 500 years ago you would likely have been living with them. That 3-hour flight to their place now feels kinda like a gift. 

 Hydrate. Hydrate. Hydrate.

Try and drink  2-3 liters of Flow BEFORE your big dinner party. Healthy hydration will help keep your appetite in check, minimize sugar cravings, give you more energy and plump up your skin. Set up a Flow subscription and sip your way to a natural jolly glow. Get naturally alkaline spring water delivered to your door to keep family and friends hydrated as you celebrate.

Happy Hydrating. xoxo