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By Jacqueline Lezette Curran

Self-Care Ritual of the Day: Make A Connection

Call your best friend.

No really, it's that simple. 

Whether it's your mom or a friend, it's actually healing to hear a familiar voice. Studies have shown that people who maintain social support are less likely to experience anxiety and depression, in addition to the possibility of a longer life expectancy and higher professional satisfaction. 

Sure, shooting a text is considered social support, but feel the difference a more personal connect can make. Call your partner on your walk home, or FaceTime your roommate from college during your lunch break. Taking the time to actually call someone shows sincerity and that you're providing your undivided attention to the conversation. Plus, it will make the recipient feel *super* flattered that you took time out of your busy schedule to check in with them. So, release the death grip around your phone's keyboard and just talk—we promise you'll be ok.