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By Flow Water

Run, baby, run!

  1. Hydrate before you run. If you’re running less than 5km you will most likely not need to hydrate during your run.
  2. Eat light. Overeating in the heat can make running unbearable. Summer is a great time to enjoy in-season fruits and veggies. Cold-pressed juices are great pre and post run.
  3. Beat the sun. Running in the early morning hours before the sun fully rises means the temperature is lower and you get a nice jump on your day.
  4. Switch it up. If early morning workouts aren’t your thing, try running after sunset for cooler temperatures. You’ll need to wear reflective clothing for your safety. 
  5. Acclimate. Remember it can take up to two weeks or more to get used to exercising in the heat. Be smart and pace yourself. 
  6. Don’t overdress. Shorts and a sports bra and/or a tank top are more than adequate in the summer heat. 
  7. Run with ice cubes wrapped in a bandana and tie it around your neck. When the ice melts, wrap it around your head for a cool reprieve from the heat. (Pro tip: These also work great for pups, well, mostly) 
  8. Take it indoors. You may have a love/hate relationship with the treadmill, but when the sun is scorching and there is a heat advisory in effect, it’s best to take your run into an air conditioned gym. 
  9. Summer-friendly activities like swimming and biking are great for cross-training with your run on hot days. 
  10. Energizing beats to keep you motivated. There’s always a hot track that becomes the song of the summer, make sure it’s on your run playlist. Lucky for you we’ve curated the greatest summer playlists on Spotify, sure to inspire a jog or just about any workout flow.