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Our Gift Guide Is Here, And There's Something For Every Personality

Our Gift Guide Is Here, And There's Something For Every Personality

Flow Alkaline Spring Water Gift Guide

Having trouble finishing your holiday shopping list? We’re here to take that stress away with our gift guide. You’ll find something for everyone. 

The supermom 
variety case, original 1L 12-pack case
Because, of course, no one can agree on a flavor. Get all six organic flavours in one case, plus original Flow
Perfect for: Juggling work and kids. Finding time for yourself. Making anything happen by the count of three. 

The wellness guru 
cucumber + mintoriginal 1L 12-pack case
Make them say “Ohm-my-god, you shouldn’t have!” Nurture their mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being with naturally alkaline spring water. 
Perfect for: Spreading mindfulness. Finding meaning in small rituals. Scheduling time for daily self-care.

The socialite
6-month subscription 
The best nights never start with water (but probably should). Let the good times (and hydration) roll with a six-month subscription (plus, save 10% when you subscribe). 
Perfect for: Hydrating a late night. Co-starring in the perfect Instagram shot. Nursing a hangover 

The overachiever 
lemon + gingergrapefruit + elderflower 
Wake up and ignite your success. These two flavours were born to achieve excellence. 
Perfect for: Getting another promotion. Hitting your second spin class. Accomplishing a milestone, again.

The best friend 
blackberry + hibiscus, strawberry + rose, watermelon + lime
Your partner in crime deserves the best, so give them the (subtly) sweet hydration they deserve. After all, they did talk you out of getting that post-breakup haircut (it’s the least you can do). 
Perfect for: Communicating with a single glance. Planning a weekend getaway. Showing up unannounced. 

Need something ASAP? 
We’ve got your back. Give that special someone a Flow gift card

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