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By Jacqueline Lezette Curran

Help Shawn Mendes Make a Positive Change

One of the world's biggest artists, Shawn Mendes, is bringing sustainability to his tour and fans. Flow is proud to be a part of his North American Tour Greening Initiative, in partnership with REVERB, to help reduce our environmental footprint and engage fans in meaningful ways so that they can make a difference too. 

Here are some of the ways we’re making a positive change: 

+ An estimated 2,072 tonnes of CO2 offset from the entire North American tour
+ 70,000+ plastic water bottles diverted from backstage by switching to Flow
+ Using sustainable catering and hospitality partners
+ Recycling and composting all waste
+ Donating excess food and toiletries to food banks and shelters
+ Offering environmental education programs

Find Flow at the REVERB EcoVIllage throughout Shawn’s North American tour.

For more info on our partnership with Shawn Mendes, click here.