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By Flow Water

Hello September

Five Tips to Kick Start Your Fitness this Fall:

The beginning of fall is like January 1. We make resolutions, we set new goals and look for ways to improve ourselves. Summer is over, and it’s easy to find motivation to start a new routine and take your fitness to the next level! Here is a list of my top 5 workout guidelines to ensure you “fall” into fitness with an easy and manageable plan:

  1. Focus on the method behind your exercise- Tone your muscles and get your cardio in with a PHA circuit. This style ramps up your cardio as you move through various lower body circuits without pause. This allows the upper body a chance to rest while the lower body works to keep your heart rate up. Choose 4 upper and lower body exercises and execute for 30 seconds.
  1. Hybrid workouts- Train your mind AND your body! Balance your life with equal intervals of physical and mental fitness. Our mind needs training just as much as our bodies and research shows that stress can negatively affect our physical body, which results in a slower metabolism. So “Namaste” it up with some yoga and meditation to ease your active mind!
  1. Metabolic workouts- Target heart rate training is highly effective for the “after burn”. This method of high intensity drills will continue to burn calories 24 hours after complete. Incorporate high knee sprints for 20 seconds and squat jumps between those shoulder presses for maximum results.
  1. Avoid plateaus and boredom- To see significant changes, be consistent with your workouts for 6-8 weeks to allow the body to adapt to the training stimuli. Be sure to change it up to keep it interesting and to see increased results!
  1. Proper hydration- Working out at your max capacity (think sprinting until you can’t run anymore) creates more hydrogen ions than normal exercise which causes a buildup of lactic acid and fatigue. One study showed that drinking alkaline water can help reduce the buildup of lactic acid and cardiorespiratory stress. Flow water has a pH level of 8.1 and is a hydration staple in all my work out routines!