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By Flow Water

Flow with intention.

Drinking enough water everyday is wellness 101, but we’re calling it out: not all water is created equal so why would you eat organic and drink conventional? Our naturally alkaline spring water is the organic avocado of hydration.


Flow’s new organic flavors are the guacamole, designed to be delicious while still maintaining the quality of the water and the minerals that make it alkaline. That means Flow helps you achieve your hydration goals, giving your body more of what it needs to look and feel amazing.

Our flavors give you the inspiration to stay hydrated throughout your day


Ignite your morning with lemon + ginger,
hit refresh with cucumber + mintwhen you’re dragging your butt at 4pm,
renew your focus with watermelon + lime
and give yourself a little self-love
with strawberry + rose when you’re feeling frisky.


People are hooked on how good it makes them feel and how easy it is to get their daily water intake.

That’s why we say living the life you want is as easy as setting an intention and flowing with it.