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8 Tips For A Successful Detox

8 Tips For A Successful Detox

Detoxing through nutritional foods is one of the safest and most effective ways to boost immunity, improve gut health, and strike the perfect hormonal balance for your body needs. We've partnered with registered-dietitian and author of "The Better Period Food Solution," Tracy Lockwood Beckerman, for detox recipes, hacks, and more.

Feeling ready to get your health back on track? Try some of Tracy's tips for executing a successful detox:

1. Get 7-8 hours of sleep per night
2. Skip the alcohol for a few weeks to give your liver a rest
3. Drink plenty of water!
4. Engage in physical activity (low or high impact—whatever feels good for your body)
5. Take note of potential endocrine disruptors in your life (I.e. parabens in face wash, plastic in kitchen Tupperware) and make adjustments as needed
6. Buy a plant or an air purifier for your home that helps to clean the air (try a snake plant or peace lily!)
7. Take deep breaths and stretch often
8. Use a sauna if you can

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