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By Flow Water

5 Ways the Right Water Can Improve Your Workout

Marlie Cohen of Kale and Krunches shares 5 ways healthy hydration can improve your fitness, from workout through to recovery.

We all know that drinking water is an integral part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. After all, almost two-thirds of the human body is made up of water and water helps ensure every system in our bodies is working properly.

For most of us, however, keeping up with our daily water intake can be a struggle. It is said we need approximately 8 glasses per day yet if we are active or work up a sweat, it is important for us to drink more.

As a personal trainer and holistic health coach, I am always advising my clients to drink more water – especially to those who want to better their fitness. I like to suggest a premium spring water like Flow so they can experience all the benefits that water has. Flow is 100% natural Canadian spring water locally sourced from a family-owned spring in Ontario. It is packaged in 100% recyclable and BPA-free material, allowing for a higher-mineral content than most plastic water bottles.

Jam-packed with goodness and eco-friendly, here are 5 ways that the right water, like Flow, can help improve your workout:

  1. Hydration is key

We lose a ton of water when we work up a sweat. Staying on top of our water intake not just after but during our workouts can significantly improve our performance.  It is important for us to continuously rehydrate, and the large number of electrolytes in Flow Water helps with replenishing those essential nutrients lost during our sweat session.

  1. Energy boosting

Working out requires a ton of energy but our bodies need water to make all our energy systems work. Hydrating during our workout allows for long-lasting energy so we can crush those high-intensity exercises.

  1. Circulation

Water is an important part of circulation and helps get the blood flowing in our bodies. Blood flow is key to a proper warm up, ultimately preparing us for a great workout.

  1. Proper recovery

Just like drinking water, rest is something we know we need to do but tend to neglect. Proper rest in between exercising helps repair and rebuild our muscles, allowing us to get stronger. Water is a key component to helping speed up the recovery process so we’re ready for our next big workout.

  1. Size matters

Drinking the right amount of water during your workout is super important and making sure you have enough water that is easily transportable will make hydrating that much easier. Flow Water comes in 500 ml and 1L boxes –  perfect for a quick HIIT session or hour-long exercise class.