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By Jacqueline Lezette Curran

5 Fall Harvest Superfoods You Need

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Hello, fall! We've been patiently waiting for your harvest. Nothing is more delicious than freshly grown fruits and vegetables during this time of year—except Flow, of course. What's even better are the incredible vitamins and minerals they can provide your body—especially superfoods! Superfoods are high in the good stuff (like antioxidants and disease-fighting nutrients) and low in calories. To celebrate this gourd-geous season, we've compiled a list of our favorite fall harvest superfood.


Not only is butternut squash super tasty, but it’s also full of vitamins and minerals—like vitamin A and vitamin C—and vital for fetal growth and development (oh hi, future moms!).


An apple a day could potentially keep the doctor away. Containing a soluble fiber that helps lower your blood cholesterol levels, apples are linked to lowering the risk of heart disease.


These little rooted guys are full of nutrients and low in calories. Studies suggest that beets can help to significantly lower blood pressure and improve athletic performance.



Sweet potatoes are full of fibers and antioxidants that promote the growth of good bacteria and contribute to a healthy gut. So this Thanksgiving, feel free to have that second (or third) helping of sweet potatoes. Your gut will be so happy.


With a sweet and slightly-nutty flavor, parsnips contain 25% of your daily vitamin C needs in just one serving. Adding them to your diet may help the symptoms of the common cold.  We just found our new cold-weather BFF.