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By Flow Water

3 Things To Do When You Wake Up

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Many of us have several bad habits when it comes to the very first things we should do once we wake up. Here are some tips on healthier behaviours we can adapt to give a greater kick start to our mornings.


1. Leave your phone alone – instead of instinctively reaching for it first thing in the morning. Take your time to brush your teeth, or make your bed, or pour a cup of coffee, before diving head first into the day’s endless emails, news and updates.

2. Stretch – this sounds simple enough, but stretching can help to wake up the muscles after a long night’s sleep. A light stretch gets the blood going, relives tension and improves your flexibility.

3. Hydrate – you’ve just went a good few hours without any water, so get yourself a glass to flush out toxins from your body and kickstart your metabolism for the day ahead.


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